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DJ, CEO and President of Trending Vibez Entertainment LLC, Musician, producer,and promoter Maurice (DJ M-Haffa) Charles hails out of Bronx, NY fighting to be the best. When not performing, he spends all of his time with his beautiful wife and 3 children. Having spent many years playing music, DJing was always one of his favorite passions.

His specialty is spinning for special events and promoting his own shows. That is what's truly his heart and best thing to do. DJ Mhaffa has developed a style of sound unlike no other DJ's has. Humble by life, he is very energetic, funny and charismatic while he can maintain a great state of professionalism like no other can.


DJ Mhaffa was inspired to begin Djing in 1993 where he was inspired by such legendary acts as Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool Herc and Jam Master Jay. He continued playing music for many years, but the passion of Djing was always there.7 years ago he came back to the other love he had for the art. Playing as only a hobby now ready to reveal his act to the world, he is ready to wow and entertain your guests at your next event.


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