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Hailing out of Boston MA , DJ STAMZ is a HUGE part of the east coast sound of that area. A super versatile DJ known for his bending of genres & universal love for ALL music. Growing up in an extremely diverse city music played a major role in blending those cultures together in which Stamz would frequent with. Whether it was danchall , hip hop , or house music Stamz was ALWAYS learning to play and adapt to new clubs and venues around the greater Boston area. 

Stamz is a member of the east coast dj clique JJP as well as an exclusive dj for 6one7 & 235 ent. whom are both kings of the Boston nightclub scene. With 10 years of experience under his belt Stamz has had the pleasure of holding dominant & current residencies in the downtown Boston area as well as broadening his talent to securing gigs in cities such Miami , LA, Connecticut , Providence & many more.


There is nothing Stamz appreciates more than being on the decks playing EVERY genre and mixing the culture of dancehall music into every set as he was brought up and taught to show with dancehall. Stamz has barely scratched the surface with his talent and is striving to be better everyday as he says with a quote from his late grandfather who m Stamz was extremely close to

" There is never a time where you CANNOT learn something new " . 


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